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Go viral Across Social Internet in less than a day

Go viral Across Social Internet in less than a day

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As you know engagement on social media is a part of our everyday lives. According to a study, half of world’s population has got access to the Internet and 67% of these Internet Users regularly engage on social media. That means a vibrant community of more than 2 billion users worldwide.

So, you are keen to learn the recipe of a viral social media broadcast. Wonderful! That’s one of my favorite subjects. I love to share what I learned over 15 years as an IT team leader and an online marketing consultant.

However, before we jump to the Do’s and Don’ts of a viral campaign, let’s briefly discuss:

  1. The Architecture of Social Media and Its Inherent Limitations.
  2. What does Viral or Virality really mean in the context of social media sharing?
  3. The missing factor.

Once we are on the same page and we have a clear and realistic picture of the social media landscape, I’ll show you how you can add the missing factor to your social media strategy that’s, by and large, unknown and untold to this point.

Architecture of Social Media and Its Inherent Limitations

Social Media is built on top of Social Networking. It simply means to share content with ones friends and followers. Sharing flows from network to network or in other words from publishers to their friends and then to friends of friends.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that in the context of our “social media reach” the term friend doesn’t mean all our friends on a particular social site. Rather, it includes only those who had a chance to read/view our post and who actually shared that post.

Due to this highly restricted flow of sharing, very few posts have the potential of creating a buzz that’s strong enough to produce a measurable success.

Understanding The Terms VIRAL or VIRALITY

Looking at social sharing in the context of 2 billion users, going viral is commonly understood as a sharing phenomenon where a post is shared by millions and it resonates across the Social Internet or at least across a particular social media platform. So, with this understanding of virality in mind, if a campaign goes viral then you have the potential of moving from your living room or garage to Wall Street even before you realize it happened.

Does it really happen in the real world? Probably yes. How often? Let’s count! You can keep your other hand in your pocket.

However, technically, VIRALITY has a totally different meaning. It relates to the sharing percentage and not the sharing volume. If “A” posts something that’s viewed by only one friend in his network and that friend shares it forward then the Virality Rate of A’s post is 100%. On the other hand, if “B” posts something that’s viewed by a hundred thousand friends and followers in her network and ten thousand viewers share it forward then the Virality Rate of her post is just 10%.

Now we know that, in the real world, a post going viral doesn’t necessarily imply a big bang on the social internet. It simply means that the post is shared by most of those who actually happened to view it within our own and extended social networks. In this way, the extent of our social reach is the sum total of {sharing within our own social network} + {sharing by our friends in their social networks, as far as it can go}.

We started our conversation with a romantic figure of 2 billion social media users but where do we stand now? I’m afraid that realistically, we’re confined to a few to a few thousands; unless we’re a social media influencer or some social media celebrities love to share our posts.

The Missing Factor

In view of the limitations that we just discussed, the real success of any social media campaign depends on reaching the whole galaxy of users lying outside of our primary and extended friendship networks. Unfortunately, this is the missing factor. Businesses with sizeable budgets fill this void and manage to get beyond the boundaries of friends and followers with paid promotions but that’s certainly not an option for every user.

Adding The Missing Factor – Cost $0.00

Now that we understand the natural limitations of social media and the reason why hundreds of thousands of highly potential online campaigns and enterprises eventually fail and die, let’s see how you can add that missing factor to your social media strategy and reach beyond friends and followers.

The concept of unrestricted communication with people outside of friends’ network is a revolutionary and futuristic idea and not a part of the conventional social media. The availability of such a service will mark the beginning of a totally new era of social internet that will put incredible power of communication at the disposal of a common social media user and extend opportunities beyond imagination.

Fortunately, Buzz Media, Inc. has taken up the mission of providing this missing factor and it has named this revolutionary new service as Buzz n Beat. At www.buzznbeat.com your reach is global.

Buzz n Beat is a mission to commence the dream era of Social Internet where Friendships are preserved as relationships & connections but eliminated as barriers and boundaries. It’s a mission to put the ultimate power of unrestricted communication in Your hands.

However, this mission won’t be accomplished without You on-board because this Disruptive Revolution needs your involvement and engagement to make it happen. . . . for You . . . . and for Everyone.

What? You already have millions of friends & followers? Great! Congratulations for being a social media celebrity! However, believe us that the world on the other side of the fence is endless. Won’t you like an even larger audience? Won’t you like the whole world to benefit from your voice and what you share? Let’s break the barriers!

We invite you to join this Disruptive & Exciting New Era of Social Internet and Reach The World Without Limits!:

  • Share everything you like, from selfies and everyday fun to amazing online content!
  • Express your opinion, engage in global conversations and gather support for your cause from around the world!
  • Promote your business and reach new clients & customers.
  • Use hyperlinks to drive traffic to your blog/website!

Remember! Freedom of Speech is your constitutional right.
But its meaningless without audience.

Join Now

It’s Free; It’s Fun; It’s Rewarding

We invite you to join this Disruptive & Exciting New Era of Social Internet and Reach The World Without Limits!

You can visit the following links to read more about Buzz n Beat Mission and to learn how to publish full featured BuzzPosts on BuzzLog; air quick short BuzzCasts on BuzzChannels and connect & share with friends & followers on BuzzLine:

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I hope this conversation was worthwhile. If you liked it please do not forget to share it with your family, friends and colleagues. Let’s spread The Good and help everyone benefit.

Let Everyone Reach The World Without Limits!
It’s Fun, It’s Free, It’s Rewarding!

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