Buzz n Beat – The Mission

Social Internet started as an opportunity to connect, communicate and share with friends. The early users of social platforms were like babies playing dollhouse with their playmates; hanging out with their friends from the comfort of their home or office. At that point, the boundaries of friendship were just natural as that was the world the users knew and those were people they wanted to connect with.

However, the advances in technology and innovative contribution of creative minds has turned this little backyard game into a phenomenal world of communication that has taken over virtually every aspect of online interaction.

Today, the multidimensional communication capabilities of social media have drawn all online activity from Relationships & Commerce to Politics & Media to the social platform. This fabulous growth of Social Internet marks one of the most important milestones of the evolution of civilization. However, this revolutionary progress has failed to appreciate how things have changed over the years.

Those social babies are now grown up but they are still confined in their fenced backyard. Their voices are still restricted to their Friends and next door neighbors (Followers). They want to look beyond the fence; they want to connect with people they never knew before; they want to explore the world at the other end of the rainbow and discover the unknown inner dimensions of their own.

At this point, the evolution of human civilization demands that The Social Internet ushers a new era of connection and communication where friendships are maintained as relationships but eliminated as boundaries. Let people go beyond friends & followers and communicate with the world without limits.

Buzz n Beat is a mission undertaken by Buzz Media, Inc., New York to remove that fence and to enable The Social Citizens to communicate without borders & boundaries.

Time is your rarest asset; do not spend it counting friends or followers, one at a time. Have something worth sharing? Just come to the podium; the whole world is your audience. Join and enrich the Conversation; Voice your Opinion; Inform & Engage; Learn & Understand; Connect and Communicate with people across the world. At Buzz n Beat, it’s Your World!

Reach The World Without Limits!