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Buzzlog – A Free, Feature-Rich and Powerful Blogging Platform

Buzzlog  – A Free, Feature-Rich and Powerful Blogging Platform

In this BuzzPost we’ll see:

What’s BuzzLog?

    1. BuzzLog is Buzz n Beat’s blogging platform.
    2. A post published on BuzzLog is called a BuzzPost – a Buzz n Beat’s service mark. It’s used both as a noun and a verb.
    3. BuzzPosts are permanently archived.
    4. Every member is entitled to freely publish on BuzzLog.
    5. BuzzLog provides powerful tools and features to beginners and power bloggers alike, to write BuzzPosts and an equal opportunity of reaching every visitor of the site.

BuzzLog’s Powerful Tools and Features at Your Disposal

    1. BuzzPost anything from a brief message, a single image or a YouTube video to full featured articles.
    2. Create photo galleries with lightbox.
    3. Create slideshows and embed them in your posts from within the editor. Optionally add title, description and hyperlink for each image.
    4. Publish your posts/articles/messages under the most appropriate BuzzLog Category to make it easiest for targeted readers to find your content.
    5. Search for lawfully usable relevant images from within the post editor and embed any image with a single click.
    6. Search and embed YouTube videos without leaving the post editor.
    7. To maximize your reach, your posts are available to all visitors of the site regardless of their membership and login status.
    8. Readers can share your posts over more than a hundred social networks and content sharing destinations including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.
    9. Your author’s profile appears under each post. You can optionally add all your social profile links to your Author’s Profile and get more friends and followers on your social networks.
    10. Your author’s page lists all your posts in one place making it virtually your own personal blog that’s equally available to your friends and non-friend site visitors.

How to Maximize Your Like’s and Share’s

    1. You’re certainly serious about building your credibility as an author and you want your posts to be widely shared by the readers. Great! Now let’s see how you can achieve your goals faster.
    2. Buzz n Beat allows you to promote your viewpoint, site or business. It’s usually tempting to just throw a promotional message or an advertisement; however, please do not forget that your readers/viewers do not go online to read bare advertisements. Express yourself but think, write and review your post from your readers’ perspective. Your readers will love you.
    3. A lot of your readers come online to take a break from their tiresome work or the monotony of daily life. If your post is boring, they will find a better one in next few clicks. Therefore, your posts will do better if they are lively, interesting, engaging and fun to read.
    4. If most of your posts are promotional then your readers will remember you more as an advertiser than an author. Make your author’s profile attractive.
      1. Regularly write posts that are fun, entertaining and informative.
      2. Try to include useful advice and tips about everyday life and topics of popular interest.
      3. Include selfies and post photos & stories about noteworthy moments around you.
      4. Share all interesting or important content that comes your way.
      5. Never miss an opportunity to reach your readers with valuable non-promotional content and you will see that your promotional content will also get more attention.
      6. You will see that readers’ love and liking for you will unconsciously and naturally translate into liking and trust of your posts and messages. Remember that just like in everyday life, winning your readers’ hearts and building bonds of love, credibility and trust works as soul and spirit in online sharing and communication.
    5. Fewer readers have enough time and interest to read long-form articles. Short and concise posts usually do better and get more views. The same is true for videos as well.
    6. Visual assets attract larger readership and ensure deeper engagement. Whenever possible, use attractive images, infographics and videos.
    7. Most of your readers have either already read enough on the subject of your post or they will do that very soon. Even those who do not rate a post or an author on a site do carry an impression and form an opinion about the author. It’s always a good idea to research online before finalizing a post. See what’s available out there and what’s missing. Refine and perfect your post both in content and presentation to deliver the best value for your reader’s time. A great experience can make your readers wait for your next post.
    8. If your subject allows, do include some fun facts and the results of an authentic study. While doing so, never forget to give due credit to the source of information and preferably, a link to that site.
    9. In case your post is lengthy, consider dividing it into logical sections, each with a descriptive caption. List all the section headlines on top of the post, preferably each headline hyperlinked to its relevant section. If the readers have an overview of what the post is about then they are more likely to keep engaged and focused while reading through a lengthy post.
    10. If you’re advertising something then it’s wise not to jump to the promotion. Inform, educate and engage your readers/viewers. Present your promotion as a natural part of your story and not as a sales pitch. Keep in mind that your post can be an intriguing line on a billboard or the shouting of a street hawker. The choice is yours but the results differ a world apart.
    11. If you need to write about the features of what you offer then focus more on the benefits because that’s readers’ perspective. Be very realistic, fair and truthful and never bloat or overstate. Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and imagine if you read the post and then actually experiment what you’re offering, would you gladly refer it to a friend or you would feel disillusioned. Being fair and credible is the foundation of retention, whether it’s a reader or a customer.

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Happy blogging BuzzLogging!

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