You can add the following in your BuzzCast:

  • Text, 450 characters max.
  • Images in the form of BuzzSliders. No single images or photo galaries.
  • Hyperlinks, subject to the Acceptable Content Policy.
  • YouTube videos.

You select a targeted BuzzChannel for your BuzzCast from a dropdown.

Once aired, all BuzzCasts are available on BuzzLine (Home Page) with a BuzzChannel-selector-dropdown. However, any empty BuzzChannels are removed from the dropdown.

The concept of BuzzCast is that of a broadcast or telecast. Once aired, it can’t be edited or deleted. However, you can air another BuzzCast to update or withdraw a previous one.

Each BuzzCast is available to the audience for 30 days from the date it’s aired. After that period it’s permanently removed.

Please read How To BuzzCast On BuzzChannels – Step by Step to learn more about BuzzCasts.


BuzzPost is Buzz Media’s service mark for an article or blog post.

  • There is no limit on the amount of content for a BuzzPost.
  • BuzzPosts are permanently archived.
  • You can edit a BuzzPost anytime. However, once published, a BuzzPost can’t be deleted.

Please read How To Write a BuzzPost – Step by Step to learn more about the available features & functionalities and to learn how to use them.


BuzzSlider is Buzz Media’s service mark for slideshow. It allows you to create stylish image slideshows that you can embed in any BuzzCast or BuzzPost using a shortcode.

Please read How To Create Stunning BuzzSliders For Your BuzzCasts & BuzzPosts to learn how to create BuzzSliders and how to embed them in your BuzzCasts and BuzzPosts using shortcodes.