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Buzz n Beat – What Why How – In a Nutshell

Buzz n Beat – What Why How – In a Nutshell


Buzz n Beat is a disruptive revolution of social media that enables its users to share and communicate across the world without restrictions whereas the conventional social media sites including Facebook and Twitter etc. restrict your communication to Friends & Followers.


Sharing with friends on social media sites is awesome but you’re now grown up. You need to get beyond friends & followers and Reach The World Without Limits because:

  • From selfies & everyday fun to ideas & amazing online content, you’ve great things to share with the whole world.
  • Your business deserves effective promotion that doesn’t cost a penny.
  • You need to effectively broadcast your opinion and gather global support on issues that matter to you.
  • You want to drive more traffic to your website.
  • You’ve so many other things on your life’s To-Do-List that require effective global communication but do not justify monetary expenses and paid promotions.


Buzz n Beat puts the ultimate power of communication at your disposal. To get beyond Friends & Followers and Reach The World Without Limits:

  1. BuzzCast on BuzzChannels and instantly reach your topic specific audience worldwide. Read more at How To BuzzCast On BuzzChannels – Step by Step.
  2. Freely publish full-featured BuzzPosts on BuzzLog and share & communicate across the world without limits or restrictions. See How To Write a BuzzPost – Step by Step.
  3. Your BuzzCasts & BuzzPosts are equally available to every visitor of the site regardless of their membership or login status.
  4. To extend your reach even farther, your readers/viewers are able to share your BuzzCasts and BuzzPosts with their friends & followers over more than a hundred social sites and sharing destinations like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram etc.
  5. Add your social profile URL’s to your Author Profile and let readers connect with you on the social sites where you’re actively engaged. You can learn more at How To Manage Your Author Profile.
  6. To learn how to manage your social network and connect & communicate with your friends & followers on BuzzLine please read Your Buzz n Beat Social Network.

Learn more about BuzzCast, BuzzPost and BuzzLine here.

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