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How To Manage Your Author Profile

Your Author Profile is your most important record at Buzz n Beat. Each of your BuzzPost carries a glimpse of who you are but it’s your Author Profile where your readers actually meet you. In view of its importance, we place it at the bottom of each of your BuzzPosts. Your Author Profile consists of the following: Your display name. It’s linked to your Member Profile. Your profile photo...[Read More]

How To Create Stunning BuzzSliders For Your BuzzCasts & BuzzPosts

BuzzSliders, commonly known as slideshows, are a very creative, effective and cool way of incorporating pictures and infographics in your BuzzCast or BuzzPost. Buzz n Beat equips you with very user-friendly and extremely powerful BuzzSlider creation system. Let’s walkthrough, step by step, to create your BuzzSlider and embed it in your BuzzPost. While in your Admin Panel, hover mouse over Bu...[Read More]

How To BuzzCast On BuzzChannels – Step by Step

What’s a BuzzCast and a BuzzChannel? BuzzCast is Buzz Media’s servicemark for quick short posts of a non-permanant nature. The term has been coined after “broadcast” and “telecast”. The term BuzzCast is used both as a noun and a verb. As a noun, BuzzCast signifies a quick short post that creates buzz on the social internet. As a verb, BuzzCast means to air/publi...[Read More]

How To Write a BuzzPost – Step by Step

BuzzLog is the blog section of Buzz n Beat and every article or post published on BuzzLog is called a BuzzPost, a service mark of Buzz Media, Inc. BuzzLog uses WordPress as its Content Management System, with a host of custom enhancements. In this BuzzPost we’ll walk through each of the following steps and features: Accessing your Admin Panel. The required elements of a BuzzPost. Know your B...[Read More]