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The Do’s and Don’ts of being a great author

The Do’s and Don’ts of being a great author

We’re glad to see you onboard and we’re excited to read and share your posts. As you write and share, the following tips and guidelines will help you earn high respect of the readers/viewers and establish yourself as a great author at Buzz n Beat.

Promotions & Marketing

You’re welcome to write a complete promotional post that advertises and markets a service, a product or a website. Whether that service, product or website belongs to you or someone else, it’s doesn’t matter.

However, do not insert a block-advertisement even if it’s relevant to the subject of the post. It’s against the Terms of Service, regardless of whether it’s a standalone advertisement or an Ad Network Script like AdSense etc.

Selection of Category

Regardless of whether your post is informational, promotional, political or fun & amusement; selection of the most appropriate BuzzLog Category is vital to its success and to your credibility as an author.

It can be tempting for some authors to use a more popular but irrelevant BuzzLog Category. However, please remember that it’s a form of spamming. We request your cooperation to fight spam and to keep this site clean and fragrant both for authors and reader.

Frequency of posts

Whether you write or share for fun or you promote and advertise, it’s always wise to maintain a consistent presence. However, republishing the same post or publishing multiple posts on the same subject the same day disappoints readers. Therefore, such conduct is treated as spam.

Zero tolerance for spam

As a part of our commitment to our worthy authors and valuable readers, we follow a policy of zero tolerance for spam. All spam accounts will be terminated without notice.

Happy blogging BuzzLogging!
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