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BuzzCast On BuzzChannels With Global Reach

BuzzCast On BuzzChannels With Global Reach

It’s an essential part of our everyday social media communication that we share and publish lots of pictures, videos, news, ideas and opinions that we do not mean to archive for ever. At Buzz n Beat, such quick, short posts of non-permanent nature are known as BuzzCast.

With a view to maximize the visibility of your Buzzcasts, you select a topic specific BuzzChannel before airing/publishing your BuzzCast.

The term BuzzCast also refers to the Home Page that displays the BuzzCasts published on all BuzzChannels. A dropdown allows the readers/viewers to select a specific BuzzChannel.

Here is the full list of available BuzzChannels.

As a logged in member you are entitled to broadcast over the Primary BuzzChannel as well as the Topic Specific BuzzChannels. However, login is not required to read/view any channel. Therefore, your posts/messages reach all the visitors of the site regardless of whether they are members or not.

Please read How To BuzzCast On BuzzChannels – Step by Step to learn more about BuzzCasts.

You can BuzzCast anything from selfies and everyday special moments to ideas, opinions  and external content. You can use BuzzCast to promote your BuzzPost by publishing its title, a short description, and the featured image along with BuzzPost’s URL (you can copy it from the browser’s address bar) on the relevant BuzzChannel.

You can also promote your blog or business site and direct readers/viewers to your site using hyperlinks.


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