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Buzz n Beat – A Brief Introduction

Buzz n Beat – A Brief Introduction

Social media renders a great service regardless of what platform you use. However, since the current social media works on top of social networking, therefore, your posts  are visible only to your friends. If some of your friends share your post then you can potentially reach friends of friends and so on.  As a result, the extent of your overall reach on social media becomes highly restricted and limited.

Internet, by its nature, is global & unbounded and social media is just a way of using the internet. Connecting with friends is great but in real life, whether it’s business, non-profit, politics, activism or everyday fun sharing, a measurable success depends on reaching out to the vast world of users lying beyond friends and followers. However, right when you need the communicative power of social media the most, you’re totally denied access beyond your networked chain of friends.

Social media may be a pastime for kids but for you it’s certainly not just a leisure activity. As an active citizen of today’s global village, you’ve vision, goals and responsibilities, spanning from personal and social life to politics, business and a lot more. You need a social media that puts its ultimate power of communication at your disposal without restrictions and reservations.

Evolution of social media is now overdue. It’s high time that you’re empowered to Reach The World Without Limits without having to go through the toll booths of “Paid Social Media Marketing”. Buzz n Beat is the beginning of that revolutionary new era where friendships are maintained as connections & relationships but eliminated as restrictions and boundaries.

At Buzz n Beat you do not have to spend your precious time and talent extending your network. Keep focused on your real goals. Just come onboard, the whole world is your audience. Communicate, achieve and prosper!

At this point, it’s important to know that Buzz n Beat is not just another social network or social media site. It’s rather a much larger mission with an entirely new approach to online sharing and communication. Buzz n Beat’s primary goal is to maximize your reach on the social internet and to accomplish this mission, it provides an impartial central platform where:

  • You are provided some of the most efficient tools to create, publish and share your posts and messages.
  • Your posts/messages are equally visible and available to every visitor of the site and not just to your friends or followers.
  • Buzz n Beat realizes the worthiness of all the social media platforms and with a view to maximize your reach on the social internet, it provides its readers/viewers efficient tools to share your content with their friends and followers on more than a hundred social networks and sharing destinations including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc. More social sites are being consistently added.
  • As an author, you can add your social profile links to your author’s profile and thereby enable your readers/viewers to connect with you on the social networks where you’re actively engaged.
  • You can use hyperlinks to freely direct the readers/viewers to your site; regardless of whether it’s a blog, a business site or an ecommerce destination.

Buzz n Beat is the beginning of a great social media revolution but the mission won’t be fully accomplished without you onboard. We invite you to join this vibrant community NOW! It’s Your World!

Initial Signup

Signup at Buzz n Beat is quick and easy. Once on the Registration Page, it takes only two clicks to be signed up, logged in and ready to share and communicate.

  1. Enter a unique Username, an active Email Address, a strong Password that you can remember, your preferred Display Name, select a zodiac date range for your Date of Birth (DoB being a very sensitive piece of information, we do not ask for your exact Date of Birth), select your Year of Birth, select your Country and click the “Complete Sign UP” button. The system will instantly send you a confirmation email.
  2. Open your email and click the verification link (If you do not see the email in your Inbox, please check your Junk Mail Folder or Spam Folder). This step is in place to ensure that you’re part of a community of real people and that the numbers are not bloated by bot-generated accounts and profiles. Once you click the verification link, your account will be marked as verified in the system and you’ll be automatically logged in.
  • Share what you like.
  • Express yourself and make your voice heard.
  • Promote your business.
  • Drive traffic to your website.

It’s Fun, It’s Free, It’s Rewarding!
Happy Sharing and Communicating Worldwide!

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