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This startup uses body heat to mine crypto – for when robots take our jobs

     While many love to speculate about the sheer number of jobs that robots and artificial intelligence are going to replace in the near future, no one seems to be coming up with any solid alternatives. One forward-thinking Dutch startup, however, believes humans should start using their bodies to produce capital… but not in the way you’re imagining...Read More

Here’s all the proof you need that robots are too weird to take over the world

     The most useful robots are purpose-built to aid or augment human endeavors. They build our cars, carry heavy objects, and even perform surgery. Over the last year, however, when it comes to robotics we’ve spent a lot of time scratching our heads wondering “is this really necessary?” Let’s take a look at these robots you might find on an all-mac...Read More

Santa and Google want your help teaching robots about the holidays

     Santa Claus is looking for help training Tensor, his robot elf. According to Google, the jolly one today released an update to the Santa Tracker website that lets you draw pictures to help train an AI (or robot elf, if you prefer) to better understand image recognition. Santa Tracker features a suite of activities for young and old fans of St. Nick, and – with t...Read More

WTF: What’s the future of business – Why challenging the status quo takes more than a rallying cry

     “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” – Leon C. Megginson We live in an era of digital Darwinism, where technology and society evolve faster than most businesses can adapt. Business as usual is no longer good enough. To survive, organizations must also evolve. While this soun...Read More

North Korea Claims Kim Jong-Un Can Control The Weather

      American Voices North Korean state media claimed that Kim Jong-Un has the power to control the country’s weather after a blizzard temporarily stopped during his visit to the summit of Mt. Paektu. What do you think? “I was already in his camp because his dad invented hamburgers.” Lilian Firth • House Blesser “Come on, people! What more evi...Read More

MTA Officials Assure New Yorkers That Today’s Subway Will Run Just As Fucked Up As Normal

      News in Brief NEW YORK—In response to the pipe bomb explosion this morning at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Metropolitan Transit Authority officials assured New Yorkers Monday that today’s subway will run just as fucked up as normal. “The MTA anticipates no changes to the regular amount of severe overcrowding and pain-in-the-ass delays that will ...Read More

'You're Right' Host Sebastian Moore Changes Stance On Abortion After Realizing He Wouldn’t Have His Show If He Were Aborted

      ‘You’re Right’ Host Sebastian Moore Changes Stance On Abortion After Realizing He Wouldn’t Have His Show If He Were Aborted ‘You’re Right’ Audience Shouts Epic Takedown Of Donald Trump In Unison With Host Sebastian Moore ‘You’re Right’ Host Sebastian Moore Asks For Donations To Attend $100,000-A-Plate Trump ...Read More

Emporia, Kansas Named Best Small Town In America To Escape From

      News in Brief EMPORIA, KS—Calling it a tough decision with hundreds of other dispiriting options available, a report released Monday by Forbes magazine declared Emporia, KS the best small town in America to escape from. “After examining a wide range of quality-of-life indicators, we determined that there was no better place in America to get the hell out ...Read More

Time Capsule Discovered In Rear End Of Jesus Statue

      American Voices A team of Spanish restorers have discovered an 18th century time capsule in the buttocks of a wooden statue of Jesus, which contain a Catholic chaplain’s writings detailing popular card games of the time and the state of wine harvests. What do you think? “I never find anything good in butts.” Patricia Salcido • Ham Glazer &ldquo...Read More

Study Finds Controlling, Possessive Behavior Most Pure Expression Of Love

      News in Brief BALTIMORE—Examining the various ways humans exhibit deep affection for one another, a new study published Monday by sociologists at Johns Hopkins University determined that controlling, possessive behavior was by far the most pure expression of love. “Our research found that people who demand to know and approve of their partner’s ever...Read More