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The Do’s and Don’ts of being a great author

    We’re glad to see you onboard and we’re excited to read and share your posts. As you write and share, the following tips and guidelines will help you earn high respect of the readers/viewers and establish yourself as a great author at Buzz n Beat. Promotions & Marketing You’re welcome to write a complete promotional post that advertises and markets a s...[Read More]

BuzzCast On BuzzChannels With Global Reach

    It’s an essential part of our everyday social media communication that we share and publish lots of pictures, videos, news, ideas and opinions that we do not mean to archive for ever. At Buzz n Beat, such quick, short posts of non-permanent nature are known as BuzzCast. With a view to maximize the visibility of your Buzzcasts, you select a topic specific BuzzChannel b...[Read More]

Buzzlog – A Free, Feature-Rich and Powerful Blogging Platform

    In this BuzzPost we’ll see: What’s BuzzLog? BuzzLog’s powerful tools and features at your disposal How to maximize your Like’s and Share’s What’s BuzzLog? BuzzLog is Buzz n Beat’s blogging platform. A post published on BuzzLog is called a BuzzPost – a Buzz n Beat’s service mark. It’s used both as a noun and a verb....[Read More]

Your Buzz n Beat Social Network

    As you communicate on social media, your target audience keeps changing depending on what you want to share. Whereas some campaigns may require reaching out to everyone you can; you may want to restrict certain content to your friends or to only some of them. Buzz n Beat takes care of this aspect of social communication very well. Once you’re logged in, please mouse o...[Read More]

Buzz n Beat – A Brief Introduction

    Social media renders a great service regardless of what platform you use. However, since the current social media works on top of social networking, therefore, your posts  are visible only to your friends. If some of your friends share your post then you can potentially reach friends of friends and so on.  As a result, the extent of your overall reach on social media become...[Read More]

Buzz n Beat – What Why How – In a Nutshell

    What Buzz n Beat is a disruptive revolution of social media that enables its users to share and communicate across the world without restrictions whereas the conventional social media sites including Facebook and Twitter etc. restrict your communication to Friends & Followers. Why Sharing with friends on social media sites is awesome but you’re now grown up. You n...[Read More]