Terms of Service

Your access to this site and use of its content and services implies and constitutes your complete and unconditional acceptance of the following Terms of Service.


Regardless of their dictionary meanings and legal connotations; the following Terms and Expressions carry the meanings as assigned hereunder:

  1. The Corporation means Buzz Media, Inc., New York, USA.
  2. Admin and all its derivatives may, in the context, mean all or any of the following:
    1. The Corporation.
    2. The Directors, Officers and Employees of The Corporation.
    3. The Agents, Affiliates, Contractors and other Third Party Service Providers who provide any service to The Admin under an express or implied contract or as part of an authorized transaction.
  3. The Site means and includes the website available at http://buzznbeat.com, a subdomain thereof or any other URL owned by The Corporation that forwards to http://buzznbeat.com or any of its subdomains.
  4. The word Person means and includes a natural person as well as a legal entity, regardless of the fact whether it’s registered or unregistered.
  5. The word He, His and Him mean, include and refer to, in the context, She, Her, They and Their.
  6. Member means a person who has signed up on The Site and has verified his email address.
  7. Visitor means a person who lawfully visits The Site in accordance with these Terms of Service while he is not logged in as a member.
  8. User means and includes a logged in Member as well as a Visitor.
  9. The word Author means a person who has published a piece of Content on The Site. Since postings on The Site may include original as well as shared content; therefore, the word Author must not be construed as a claim to the ownership of copyrights of such shared content.
  10. The Services mean and include all Content Creation, Networking and Communication Tools, Features and Functionalities made available on The Site, as well as the content created and/or published using these Tools, Features and Functionalities.
  11. Content includes Text, Emoticons, Still or Animated Images, Audio and/or Videos posted, uploaded, embedded and published on The Site.
  12. Post means and includes any type of content uploaded, embedded and/or published on the BuzzLog, a BuzzChannel, a Page, Profile, Activity Stream, Media Feed or any other area of The Site, as well as the act of such uploading, embedding or publishing.
  13. Comment means an opinion, review, suggestion or feedback entered by a Member on another member’s Post or Comment in the form of content or by clicking a Like, Rating, Reaction or Voting button or link.
  14. Conversation means and includes a Post combined with all the Comments entered on that Post.
  15. External Content means and includes such web resources as are available on any website except The Site and that are accessible through a hyperlink provided in the Content available on The Site.
  16. BuzzChannels mean The Live Communication Channels provided on The Site.
    1. BuzzChannels are designed to empower the members to share their posts with and broadcast their messages to every current user in real time without the limitation of friends and followers.
    2. Every User can read and view a BuzzChannel.
    3. Only logged in Members can post on a BuzzChannel.
    4. While posting on a BuzzChannel a member can use Text, Hyperlinks, Animated Emoticons, Images and Embedded YouTube Videos.
    5. The content posted in a BuzzChannel stays there only for a limited span of time. The amount of time is determined by the system intelligence based on how far users are expected to scroll back.
    6. Once a piece of content is removed by the system from a BuzzChannel, it becomes irretrievable as its neither archived nor stored or backed up for retrieval by users.
  17. The terms Friend and Friendship denote the relationship created by sending, receiving and accepting a Friendship Invitation.
  18. Un-friend refers to the act of terminating a friendship.
  19. Follow, Follower and Followed refer to the voluntary act of a member whereby he allows the Posts published by another member to appear on his own Activity Stream.
  20. Un-follow refers to the action of a member whereby he stops the posts published by a member that he was following, from appearing on his own Activity Stream.
  21. Mute refers to the action of a member whereby he stops the posts published by a specific Friend from appearing on his own Activity Stream.
  22. An Activity Stream means and includes any area or space of The Site that displays The Activities and Activity Posts of a Member, his Friends and those he follows.
  23. BuzzLine refers to the BuzzChannel that serves as the Home Page of The Site.

Age restriction

Despite adherence to the Acceptable Content Policy, in certain situations, some content may be deemed to be inappropriate for ages below 13; therefore, you explicitly and unequivocally declare and undertake:

  1. That on account of your age, intellectual capacity and all other applicable factors, you are competent to individually and independently enter into a binding legal agreement according to the laws of the country/locality where you access this site.
  2. That, regardless of your membership status, your act of accessing The Site as a User and using The Services or any part thereof is lawful according to the laws and regulations of the country/locality where you access The Site.
  3. That in case you are below the above mentioned age, you are at least 13 years old and you access The Site with explicit permission and under active supervision of your parent or legal guardian and you undertake to strictly follow the guidelines and instructions given by such parent or legal guardian.

Acceptable Content Policy, Code of Conduct, Law Enforcement and Indemnity

  1. The Members must not publish any Content, Comment, Message or Update:
    1. That expresses or promotes hatred or discrimination against any person or group on the basis of religion, color, race, ethnicity, nationality, personal opinion or personal choice.
    2. That amounts to bullying a person or a group.
    3. That threatens public security or the safety and wellbeing of a person or a group.
    4. That is wholly or partly of an adult or pornographic nature.
    5. That amounts to or promotes illegal activity or business.
    6. That violates any law in force in the publisher’s country for the time being, except any oppressive and unfair laws or regulations, to the extent they are aimed at depriving people of their legitimate Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Choice.
  2. The Members must not:
    1. Use indecent, inappropriate, irresponsible or provocative language.
    2. Plagiarize anyone’s content or violate anyone’s copyrights.
    3. Share content against the clear intention of its author.
  3. All Content published on The Site must observe the following guidelines:
    1. No exposure of female nipples.
    2. No explicit exposure of male or female buttocks. However, popularly accepted swim costumes and beachwear are excepted.
    3. No exposure of male or female genitals.
    4. No sexually intimate postures.
    5. No explicit exposure of animal genitals.
    6. The restrictions contained in this paragraph apply to real life photos and videos as well as drawings, vectors, paintings, sculptures and narrations.
    7. The Members must not link to any Website or External Content that violates the Acceptable Content Policy and Code of Conduct of The Site.
  4. The Admin retains the exclusive authority to decide whether or not a piece of content violates Acceptable Content Policy or Code of Conduct and any such decision or any consequent action cannot be called in question on any forum or in any court of law.
  5. In case a Member violates the above mentioned policy, his content will be removed without notice and in appropriate cases; his membership may be terminated without any notice, at the sole discretion of The Admin.
  6. In the event of termination of the membership of a member all his content may be deleted or may otherwise become unavailable. In such case the member will have absolutely no claim against The Admin for the loss of content or anything related or associated with that content or membership.
  7. In case a natural or legal person or a government or semi-government agency or authority brings a legal action against you based upon your content or conduct on The Site, you expressly and unequivocally agree to hold The Admin harmless against all claims and undertake to indemnify The Admin for all direct and consequential loses, damages, costs, fines, professional fees and administrative expenses.

Intellectual Property and The Admin’s Rights

Your act of posting any content on The Site, regardless of its form, grants The Admin a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable and royalty-free worldwide license to publish, display and use that content. However:

  1. The content belongs to and stays the intellectual property of its original author.
  2. The Admin has unrestricted right to offer and run any paid or promotional features, functionalities, services or campaigns on The Site.
  3. Revenue generation by The Admin in any way whatsoever doesn’t give any author or user of The Site to share or claim the revenue or any part of it on any ground or pretext whatever.

Privacy of Your Personal Information

  1. The Site collects some personal information from the registrants at the time of signup and profile update. Some of this information is available to the visitors on a Public Profile; such information is not treated as confidential.
  2. All information including email address that doesn’t appear on a Public Profile, is treated as confidential and The Admin does not share this information with any third party. However, The Admin is bound to disclose such information if it’s required by a provision of law or the order of a court of law.
  3. The Admin may track some of the activity on The Site using first hand solutions or third party services including but not limited to Google Analytics. We may use such information at the system level to provide you better experience on The Site. However, no part of any personally identifiable information is collected for the purpose of retrieval or review by The Admin nor such information is provided to any third party.

Privacy of Your Membership Profile and The Related Info

  1. As a member, by default, your profile and all related info, except the email address and password, is viewable by all Users of The Site. Further, other members can follow you or send you friendship invitations.
  2. In case:
    1. You want to keep your profile totally private.
    2. You want to allow only your friends on The Site to view your profile.
    3. You do not want to receive friendship requests.
  3. It’s your responsibility to configure the privacy on the Settings Tab in your profile area. You can change the settings as often as you like.

Privacy of Your Content and Your Responsibility

  1. We allow members to set privacy levels for certain types of content that the members enter or upload on The Site. The Admin is committed to ensure that such privacy is never compromised. However, there can be situations and circumstances where the privacy is compromised for any reason, including but not limited to the following:
    1. The privacy settings either do not register properly or do not behave as expected due to unavailability of certain scripts in the member’s browser, an unusual process on the server or a hacking activity.
    2. A friend having viewing permissions may save or copy any content and share it with others without authority.
    3. A friend having viewing permissions may open a privately published piece of content in the presence of a person who is not authorized to view the same.
    4. Any unexpected and unforeseen situations where the privacy and confidentiality of your content can get compromised.
  2. As a publisher of content, you are advised not to share any information, opinion or other content including but not limited to photos and videos, on The Site that, if leaked, may cause loss or damage to your person, property, business, finances, career, job, reputation or relationships.
  3. As a user of The Site you are expressly warned and reminded that The Admin is not responsible for any breach of privacy or confidentiality or any consequent loss or damage of any kind and to any extent whatsoever; even if it’s attributable to an act, omission or negligence on the part of The Admin.

Liabilities and Immunities

  1. The Admin provides The Services “AS IS” and without any express or implied warranty that they will be error free, uninterrupted, fit for any particular purpose or their use will be appropriate in a given situation. The Admin will not, in any case or circumstances whatsoever, be liable for any loss or damage that may be directly or indirectly attributable to The Services or the way those are managed, conducted or provided on The Site or the way those are or may be used by a User.
  2. Admin’s immunity under the forgoing provision will not be challengeable on the ground of any deliberate or indeliberate act, omission, lapse, ignorance, negligence or mal-handling of any process, whether substantial or incidental, whatsoever.
  3. The Content published by a member represents the knowledge, understanding, opinion, view, ideology, belief, claim, affiliation or interest of the author of the respective content. The Admin doesn’t monitor or verify the propriety, veracity, authenticity or accuracy of any such content and its publication on The Site must not be construed as a gesture of support or endorsement by The Admin.
  4. You unequivocally Agree, Undertake and Promise that you will not use any part of The Site or The Services in a way:
    1. That violates any law, regulation or established social norm.
    2. That makes The Site insecure, unusable or unacceptable for other Users.

Cookie Policy

  1. The Site uses cookies that enable its members to login; set their preferences and use The Services accordingly.
  2. The cookies are also used, at system level, to collect essential data that allows us to provide our members an optimal experience on The Site.
  3. However, no personally identifiable information is retrieved by The Admin for manual review nor any such information is shared with any third party.
  4. By using The Services you expressly and unequivocally agree to our Cookie Policy and authorize The Admin to create and use cookies accordingly.

Change of the Terms of Service

The Admin may, in its sole discretion and without prior notice, change, amend, alter or delete any part of these Terms of Service or add new terms. Any such changes will be effective and applicable instantly upon publication on The Site without any special notice or notification.

Its Users’ responsibility to keep checking these Terms from time to time and stay up-to-date.