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Reason Enough for Me

Reason Enough for Me

I just wanted the ride I was on to STOP!! My life-long battle with obesity was like an amusement park ride and NOT one that I enjoyed! It was like it had NO brakes and the operator was deaf to my cries to get OFF!

The numerous attempts I made at weight loss on diets that only had empty promises, proved to be futile. The few pounds I would lose would eventually become like an unwelcomed guest that kept returning home and always brought along an uninvited guest with them–YES! Several more pounds!! Unfortunately, this perpetual rollercoaster weight loss ride that I was stuck on is the same one that many people ride on everyday.

Being a Nurse, I was very much aware of the dangers of obesity and I also have a family history that is riddled with Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer. However, even being at great risk for the three leading causes of death that are all associated with obesity, I still  continued on a path to disease and illness with my weight.

Surprisingly, when I turned 50, a lightbulb went on and suddenly I became acutely aware of my mortality. I knew that I had to lose weight or in only a matter of time, I would face the consequences of being overweight. Thankfully, a good friend introduced me to Suddenly Slim, the simplest and most effective plan I have ever been on! I have lost 70 pounds and 75 inches on the program and have kept it off for 10 months now.

I really do know the struggle is real for those who are battling with their weight; not just professionally, but personally as well. I tell you this because I care about you! ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, can afford to stay on this ride–you better get off it now while there’s time. Trust me, the ride will only get fiercer as time goes on! My best advice to you is to get on the Suddenly Slim weight loss program and get off that deadly rollercoaster ride for good!

Contact me for more info– Let’s get started on helping you get off the ride and moving onward to better heath!

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Alyssa Miller

My mom probably needs something that really works. Although I know she will never listen to me because moms are always the wisest and never wrong still may I know how much it cost you and how long did it take?