Top e-Commerce Trends in 2023

    Today, it’s easier than ever to shop online with just a few touches on your smartphone. Not only is ecommerce a crowd favorite, but it intersects with the most popular social media trends of 2023. Analysts predict US ecommerce sales to increase from the current 23% of retail sales to 31% by 2026. Brick and mortar stores aren’t going away, but modern consumers have more item...[Read More]

Prominent eCommerce Trends in 2018

    Every year, the online sales market increases by more than 20%. It’ll growth from $2.3 trillion in 2017 to $4 trillion in 2020. The e-commerce market is huge, and still growing around the world. More and more people prefer online shopping. According to statistics Bigcommerce, 51% of Americans prefer to buy online and only 56% of online stores have a physical store. In 2018 ...[Read More]

Nine Tips for Successful E-Commerce in 2018

    And no, it’s not too early to chart the course to success in 2018. Three e-commerce veterans recently pooled their knowledge in a webinar “Nine E-Commerce Tips for a Successful 2018,” which provided a game plan for attracting, converting and keeping customers in the coming year. The trio provided a start-to-finish users guide on how to improve the customer experience for yo...[Read More]