Nine Tips for Successful E-Commerce in 2018

Nine Tips for Successful E-Commerce in 2018

And no, it’s not too early to chart the course to success in 2018. Three e-commerce veterans recently pooled their knowledge in a webinar “Nine E-Commerce Tips for a Successful 2018,” which provided a game plan for attracting, converting and keeping customers in the coming year.

The trio provided a start-to-finish users guide on how to improve the customer experience for your e-commerce customers.

Missy Hildebrand, a marketing consultant with, talked about the importance of being deliberate when building a marketing program that incorporates all the many channels that consumers turn to today.

“I think a lot of times people forget it’s not just about the website,” Hildebrand says. “Your e-commerce solution is about all the different channels that you are active on. Nowadays, customers are literally everywhere — online and offline. And so we need to be where they are, too.”

And not just be there, but be consistent when you are there. It can be tricky, particularly when different people have responsibilities for different channels, but your brand’s personality should be evident on every channel. No, your email messages and your social media messages don’t have to be identical, but they should sound as if they are coming from the same company.

  • Identify your audience and channels
  • Monitor your performance and adjust for success
  • Select channel combinations that suit your business
  • Optimize fulfillment method
  • Know what to look for in solid integrations
  • Understand the landed cost of your products
  • Don’t underestimate the fraud problem
  • Develop your order review process
  • Don’t insult your customers

An excellent post by MIKE CASSIDY. You can read the original and detailed post here.

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