Author: Dylan Morris

2020 Porsche Mission E Electric Sedan Expected Sometime in 2019

    What It Is: The rolling, electrically propelled hole into which Porsche is shoveling $750 million—and a new dedicated assembly line with 1000 new workers—in a fevered chase after Tesla. While the name could change for production, it’s currently known as the Mission E, the same moniker Porsche applied to the concept car previewing this all-electric luxury sedan. And wouldn’t...[Read More]

Top 10 Touring Motorbikes of 2017 – Extreme Power and Sheer Beauty

    I published a post about regular motorbikes. However, if you love riding motorcycle for long distances then you definitely need more power and comfort than what a basic motorcycle can offer. For a long-haul ride or a real motorbike vacation you need a Touring Motorcycle. These motorbikes are designed and built for more power, stability and comfort. Here are the Makes, Model...[Read More]

Add More Comfort to Your Motorbike Ride, Get a Three Wheeler

    This is my third post regarding motorbikes. First I wrote about Regular or Economy Motorcycles. You can read that post here. Later I wrote about Touring Motorcycles that provide more power and stability for long rides. That post is available here. If you are going really long-haul and want to enjoy every minute of your ride with the comfort of a car but the excitement of a ...[Read More]

10 Best Motorcycles of 2017 and Their Prices

    Motorbikes are one of the best hobbies. If you want to see the new models and their prices, it becomes hard to find them in one place. I have done some research for motorbike lovers and collected top 10 motorbikes, their pictures and prices. Here is a list of the models and their prices. View the pictures at the bottom. 2017 BMW G310R, Base Price: $5,500 2017 Ducati SuperSp...[Read More]