Author: Sarah Hill

    Hey New Yorkers, I’ll be attending a seminar in NYC on Oct. 20th and take flight back to UK on 21st. I love hiking but couldn’t find any remarkable trails in the area. Can someone suggest me a really great trail that’s not far from the city?     

Food For Camping – Great Tips And Ideas From Experts

    Camping is sheer fun. However, any mistake in planning your food can totally ruin your experience. Here are some great ideas and tips from experts. Keep in view the size of your group and eating habits of each member.   Know the demands of the environment where you are planning to camp.   How would you be traveling to the campsite?   Is cooking an option? If ...[Read More]

Drive Your Home To The Campsite This Summer

    What’s your dream vacation? Resorts, Beaches,Trails? That’s real fun but sometimes you need a little break; a quick run to the restroom, a nap or a cup of coffee in the comfort of your living room. Wouldn’t it add more fun and comfort to your trip if you could squeeze your home in the side pocket of your backpack? There is no magic wand available on the ma...[Read More]