Privacy Policy

Privacy of Your Personal Information

  1. The Site collects some personal information from the registrants at the time of signup and profile update. Some of this information is available to the visitors on a Public Profile; such information is not treated as confidential.
  2. All information including email address that doesn’t appear on a Public Profile, is treated as confidential and The Admin does not share this information with any third party. However, The Admin is bound to disclose such information if it’s required by a provision of law or the order of a court of law.
  3. The Admin may track some of the activity on The Site using first hand solutions or third party services including but not limited to Google Analytics. We may use such information at the system level to provide you better experience on The Site. However, no part of any personally identifiable information is collected for the purpose of retrieval or review by The Admin nor such information is provided to any third party.

Privacy of Your Membership Profile and The Related Info

  1. As a member, by default, your profile and all related info, except the email address and password, is viewable by all Users of The Site. Further, other members can follow you or send you friendship invitations.
  2. In case:
    1. You want to keep your profile totally private.
    2. You want to allow only your friends on The Site to view your profile.
    3. You do not want to receive friendship requests.
  3. It’s your responsibility to configure the privacy on the Settings Tab in your profile area. You can change the settings as often as you like.

Privacy of Your Content and Your Responsibility

  1. We allow members to set privacy levels for certain types of content that the members enter or upload on The Site. The Admin is committed to ensure that such privacy is never compromised. However, there can be situations and circumstances where the privacy is compromised for any reason, including but not limited to the following:
    1. The privacy settings either do not register properly or do not behave as expected due to unavailability of certain scripts in the member’s browser, an unusual process on the server or a hacking activity.
    2. A friend having viewing permissions may save or copy any content and share it with others without authority.
    3. A friend having viewing permissions may open a privately published piece of content in the presence of a person who is not authorized to view the same.
    4. Any unexpected and unforeseen situations where the privacy and confidentiality of your content can get compromised.
  2. As a publisher of content, you are advised not to share any information, opinion or other content including but not limited to photos and videos, on The Site that, if leaked, may cause loss or damage to your person, property, business, finances, career, job, reputation or relationships.
  3. As a user of The Site you are expressly warned and reminded that The Admin is not responsible for any breach of privacy or confidentiality or any consequent loss or damage of any kind and to any extent whatsoever; even if it’s attributable to an act, omission or negligence on the part of The Admin.