32 Glimpses of Paradise Captured on Earth

Hey, Aaron here. I’m a traveler, hiker and camper. I love visiting beautiful places. Is it too busy to go for a recreational trip? Let’s visit beautiful places from wherever you are. Here is a collection of 32 pictures that remind of paradise.

30 Amazing Landscapes and Structures

There are a lot of strange landscapes. It’s hard to believe that such places exist and on top of that many such areas are inhabited. I wonder how people started living in such remote and hard to reach areas at a time when there was no technology and no efficient means of transportation. Many such incredible places that are not populated, still attract thousands of travelers. Here I am presen...Read More

10 Best Seller Books of Our Times

Reading is a great hobby. It’s not just a way to pass time, books inform, educate, inspire and influence the personalities and lives of the readers. The sales data of books portrays a very clear picture of what topics people want to read more. Here are ten books of our times with the highest recorded sales.   10. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown More than 80 Million Sold A mystery-detecti...Read More

10 Best Motorcycles of 2017 and Their Prices

Motorbikes are one of the best hobbies. If you want to see the new models and their prices, it becomes hard to find them in one place. I have done some research for motorbike lovers and collected top 10 motorbikes, their pictures and prices. Here is a list of the models and their prices. View the pictures at the bottom. 2017 BMW G310R, Base Price: $5,500 2017 Ducati SuperSport, Base Price: $13,000...Read More

Crafted by Angels! 101 Artifacts for Art Lovers

A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever. John Keats published his poem Endymion in 1818. It’s been almost 200 years but his poem is still fresh and fragrant like a morning flower and it will always be. The beauty of his imagination and expression made John Keats immortal. Beauty comes in all forms and flavors: Literature, Music, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, Crafts and a whole lot more. Here...Read More

Sharing Only With Friends? Better Reach The World Without Limits!

Sharing with friends & followers is awesome but won’t it be tremendous if you can break the boundaries of friends & followers and Reach The World Without Limits? Yes, now you can! Buzz n Beat puts the ultimate power of social internet in your hands and enables you to share and communicate across the world without limits and boundaries. Share everything you like, from selfies and ever...Read More

Go viral Across Social Internet in less than a day

Hey, Welcome to my BuzzPost! As you know engagement on social media is a part of our everyday lives. According to a study, half of world’s population has got access to the Internet and 67% of these Internet Users regularly engage on social media. That means a vibrant community of more than 2 billion users worldwide. So, you are keen to learn the recipe of a viral social media broadcast. Wonderful!...Read More